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About us

Association Des Metis Au Rwanda AMERWA Started by Alain Numa with the purpose of fighting against descrimination and child abuse:

The Founder

Alain Numa was born in 1973 in former Zaire, current Democratic Republic of Congo in the province of Lubumbashi. THE FOUNDER was born from a white father from Belgium and a mother from Rwanda. Alain never had a chance to meet his father. When he was thirteen years old, Alain’s mother passed away before she could tell him who the father was and his whereabouts. Until now, Alain never had accurate information about his father. Being a mixed-race, Alain’s life was full of challenges mainly related to his identity. His own family and the community did not recognize him as their son because of the color of his skin. Despite these life setbacks, Alain grew up and overcame social discrimination. He is an established professional who lives in Kigali-Rwanda and is married to a wife with four children.


1.Young ladie's mindset:

Many young ladies have high expectations of men who come from abroad thinking that their lives would be changed if they become intimate.

2.Unwanted pregnancies:

Foreigners also take advantage of this weak mindset and consequently the ladies have unintended pregnancies.

3.Father's failure to take responsibility:

Once children are born, they are not recognized by their biological fathers in fear of financial strains, family responsibilities or obligation to bring the child and the mother to their home

4.Children growth and health:

Once rejected by their own parent, children face social discrimination, consequently putting their health and development at risk.

5.Children welfare:

These children grow up unfathered, lacking emotional and financial support. This can cause depression, drug addiction and early child labor.

The list of challenges is not exhaustive. Our effort will focus primarily on resolving the most pressing issues that these biracial children and their mothers are currently facing.

Specific Objectives


•Start children educational journey from Early Child Development

•Advocate for their education from pre primary to tertiary education

•To make sure their basic needs are met both at school and home

•Detecting different hidden talents for a potential growth


•General checkup of their physical health

•Provide Health insurance

•Advocate for children with special needs: children born with disabilities and children born with birth defects


•Special counseling sessions with children and their mothers

•Track information of children’s fathers all over the world

•To create a partnership with different stakeholders to help to achieve reintegration

•Follow-up on all legal processes to achieve the smooth reintegration


•Economic inclusion and empowerment programs

•Identify their strength in terms of doing business ,a campaign for project funding will start immediately.

•Master class and other capacity building trainings to discover and support their talents

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the well-being, advocate, restore identity and validation of biracial children born of father's whom rejected them and give hope of living to their mothers. we focus on the following: •Tracking children father's information
•Provide education opportunities to these children
• Improve social welfare of the mother's through various financial and empowerment programs

Our Vision

We envision a community that values and supports biracial children and their mothers where they feel accepted and free of discrimination.

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